Planning and objectives in BIO

Following sector studies, the association focuses heavily on organic and biodynamic products. Only with a programming in step with the times, capable of intuiting and identifying future market trends, it is possible to operate successfully in a constantly evolving sector. OP OPENS boasts more than 100 hectares of land with organic products and is planning the conversion of other land to reach a total of 200 hectares within 3 years and 300 hectares in 5 years, for a total of 40 members in total.


To support them, the OP provides agronomic consulting, innovation, mechanization and scientific research services, thanks to important collaborations with institutions and research bodies. OP OPENS is a new way of being together, cooperating concretely, every day, to grow together and give the market those answers and guarantees it is always looking for.

Biological agriculture

In organic farming only organic products are used, but above all the aim is to recreate a balanced and fertile environment, which through biodiversity and the presence of useful organisms and microorganisms can be ideal for the development of plants.

I Dati del nostro BIO

Percentage of organic cultivation
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Percentage of BIO in the next 3 years