A.RI.A Soc Coop Agricola

Aria. Socetà Cooperativa Agricola was born from the aggregation of 8 farms located in the most suitable areas of the Sicilian territory, for a total area of ​​about 300 hectares entirely citrus groves.

The crop differentiation, which includes species and varieties from the earliest to the late, allows the supply of citrus fruits for the entire ripening period, from October to May.

The agronomist technicians who collaborate with the structure follow, with attention and gained experience, the entire production cycle of the plants, from cultivation to conditioning, applying the regulations now imposed by the most important Italian distribution chains.

All the companies also follow the Integrated Lotta Regulations.

The Cooperative A.ri.a. it also runs a processing plant, where the operations of conservation, selection, sorting and calibration of the fruits collected daily are carried out in the quantities and types required by the market.

Most of the productions conferred by the A.ri.a Cooperative are marketed under the SquiSì and SquiSicily brands.