Azienda Giudice Martina Franca

Herbs, an expanding sector

With a covered area of ​​about 20 hectares, the company is one of the most significant in the panorama of basil production in Sicily. In a few years the company has grown by about 4 hectares, demonstrating the goodness of the product.

The soils are sandy and allow excellent drainage favoring better control of irrigation. The greenhouses are modern, with openings at the ridges and equipped with latest generation ventilation, heating and fertigation systems.

Basil grows in one of the best microclimates in Sicily and the varietal choices are oriented towards types with superior aromatic qualities, resistant to transport, storage, low temperatures and oxidations that occur in the post harvest. Here the production standard follows the most rigid production regulations, which regulate the integrity and healthiness of the crops: thanks to this it is possible to guarantee the availability of herbs throughout the year. The heat treatment systems used in the post-harvest allow to keep the product in good condition even in the subsequent phases, up to the sale and beyond.

The product of this company is intended exclusively for business customers who sell and distribute our basil in trays, bags and trays. The product is packaged in boxes of two and a half kilos, in the format 30x50x22, with a freshness-saving bag for food use; in winter, a special cloth is added in order to absorb any excess moisture. The pallet is made up of 80 crates, for a total net weight of 200 kg.

In addition to basil, the company has recently introduced the production of mint on an extension of one hectare in the greenhouse, while another 3 hectares in the open field are engaged in wild fennel, destined for the fresh market but also for industry. . To these is added about half a hectare of chives.