Green Energy, strictly organic grapes and apricots

Green Energy is a recently established company, which can count on the most qualified workers in the Acate (RG) area, an area notoriously suited to horticulture.

The table grapes, in this company, were planted for the first time in 2016 in simple structures that at the same time allow a good management of the climatic aspects. The latter is a very important element because since it is a (certified) production destined for the organic market, climate management is a means of avoiding fungal diseases.

The climate must be managed with continuous and careful monitoring of the temperatures inside the structure. The fruit set is excellent and the pathogens are kept under control with the use of only natural products.

The 12-hectare facility consists of 14,000 plants grafted with the Victoria and Red Globe varieties, which are just entering production. To these are added another 10,000 cuttings in which the Red Globe variety has been grafted.

The arch and tie structures and the Y-shaped cultivation shape allow light to enter the leaves. The structure, above all, facilitates cultivation and harvesting operations.

Green Energy, however, does not only mean excellent table grapes, but also includes an organic production of 2 hectares of Kyoto apricots, which came with excellent harvests in the second year.

The company is equipped with sheds for the processing and temporary storage of the harvest.
As things stand, the company’s production calendar foresees the start of the table grape season in early July for Victoria; a few weeks later for the Red Globe.