The company NUOVA AGRICOLTURA Soc. Coop. Agricola was founded in 2019 in Mazzarrone (CT) to give greater value to the productions of its members. Although most of the latter are engaged in the cultivation of fine table grapes, there are interesting exceptions in the panorama of greenhouse vegetables and aromatic herbs.

NUOVA AGRICOLTURA is based on solid ethical pacts that aim to enhance, enhance and concentrate the present variety offer.

On the other hand, aggregation is a strength, and for this reason it is a weapon to be exploited. Small / medium producers now have no commercial outlets except in local markets.

The companies that are part of the cooperative have embarked on a path of excellence and are certified Global, Grasp and Igp.

Many of the cooperative companies are already under organic farming, precisely with the aim of exporting their product to European and non-European markets.

To obtain these results, it is necessary to be united to reduce costs. Therefore, being part of Op Opens becomes strategic and functional for a differently unexpected dialogue for many companies that are not structured on their own.