The “Il Castello” farm was born in the early eighties from the entrepreneurial idea of ​​Biagio Consoli, who resigned as a bank officer to take on the role of an agricultural entrepreneur. Consoli, a profound connoisseur of the territory of Mazzarrone (CT) and its exceptional pedoclimatic conditions, senses its potential for the cultivation of table grapes, transforming the 2 hectares of initial vineyards into the current 230 approximately. The agricultural and economic development of the territory is part of this work of business growth that acts as a trend.

The new management of the company, today, is in the hands of the second and third generation. The latter finds Simone Raniolo at the top as the legal representative who has brought new life into decision-making processes, treasuring the precious company tradition.
A modern company that over the years has been able to shape itself to the needs of the market and, ultimately, of the GDO, thanks to the production guarantees that it is able to provide to important customers all over the world. “Il Castello” is able, in fact, to offer a controlled and certified “Global Gap” product with cultivation techniques such as “integrated” and “organic” pest management for all the varieties of table grapes grown.

The strength of the company is in fact the production management, always attentive to quality but also to varietal innovation which can be summed up in three words: early, organic and seedless.

Black Magic: May – August; Vittoria: May – September; Italy: August – December; Red Globe: July – November; Black Pearl: August – December; Seedless Superior: June – September; Crimson: September – December; Black Seedless: June – August; Red Seedless: June – August; Pink Muscat: June – August; White Seedless: June – September.

The BIO production
Vittoria: June – August; Black Magic: June – July; Italy: August – October; Red Globe: August – September; Seedless Superior: June – September; Arra: June – July; Black Seedless: June – August; Red Seedless: July-September; White Seedless: July – September.