Co.Ra is a leading company in the marketing of high-quality and PGI branded table grapes from Mazzarrone (CT), under conventional and zero-residue agriculture.

The suitable territory and the favorable climatic conditions of Sicily, here take on the meaning of excellence. The fertile land of reference of the company, combined with the proverbial Sicilian peasant industriousness rich in an experiential baggage of over 50 years, have contributed to the economic development and social emancipation of the territory, and mark an experience rich in scientific research and experimentation on field.

The Co.Ra company has established itself over the years thanks to its ability to interpret an advanced agricultural model, which places both tradition at the center, with the cultivation of the historic Italian grape variety, and technological progress and innovation. varietal with seedless grapes. The latter represent the last frontier of a gradual change in the production of the IGP brand that is finally oriented towards the most modern consumer trends.

Co.Ra represents the keystone that makes Sicilian table viticulture make a leap towards foreign markets, attentive to sustainable and innovative products; so much so that it produces almost exclusively to satisfy the most demanding requests of the EU and non-EU foreign markets, with the seedless varieties Crimson and Superior, the early Victoria and Black Magic grapes (in the greenhouse), but also red grapes and, to conclude with the already mentioned golden Italia grape and the black, equally late, and crunchy.