Si. Fa. Bio

Si.Fa.Bio Srl was established in March 2015 to market agri-food products grown according to the organic farming regime. Si.Fa.Bio exploits the know-how of its partners who have over 40 years of experience in the agribusiness sector and therefore boasts solid roots in the Sicilian agricultural tradition. Nonetheless, the company was born with an innovative spirit, making varietal updating and technological modernization a great strength. Here the terms seedless, bio and biodynamic are strong points!

The company benefits from cutting-edge internal logistics with the aim of satisfying the quantitative and qualitative demands of international business partners. Si.Fa.Bio customers have always been able to count on certified Bio, Bio Suisse, Brc-IFS, Global Gap and Grasp products. An element of added value, beyond any doubt, is the location of its plants which are all located in the IGP Uva da table of Mazzarrone (Ct) territory. The main interlocutors, as mentioned, are retailers specialized in seedless and seedless grapes in Italian, European (with Switzerland and Germany in the lead), but also in the Middle East and North Americans.

The company has been following the positive trend for the grapes produced for several years now with a particular focus on health issues and is, in this sense, avant-garde forerunners in Sicily.